Do Yourself a Flavor

Looking for a quick and fun way to enjoy your favorite mixed drinks without having to go out of your way? Look no further! We call them Clubtails, you can call them delicious. Miraculous as it may seem, there now exists a range of perfectly blended cocktails in ready-to-drink, single-serve cans. Think we’re crazy? Try our exciting flavors to become a believer!

Watermelon Margarita

Long Island Iced Tea

Sex on the Beach

Sunny Margarita


Strawberry Colada

Peach Breeze


Cuba Libre

Lemon Drop

Blue Motorcycle

Bahama Mama

Alabama Slammer

See! It is possible to get perfect cocktails from a can. So, are you ready to party hearty? Ditch the dreary. Sip on some awesome. Get it done.