Ready-to-Drink Cocktail in a Can with 10% ABV.
What's Your Flavor?


Be stronger than your excuse. Be bold in your approach. #sexonthebeach #clubtails #ad
Found my new fave tailgate drink and you guys have to try it! clubtails cocktail in a can ! No mixing necessary + I love that they come in a 4 flavor variety pack. My faves are Sunny Margarita + Bahama Mama! #ad #clubtails
Seas the day and embrace the spray, then wash it down with a Watermelon Margarita!
#Sponsored by Clubtails - the BEST #CocktailInACan 🍹
Looking for a quick and fun way to enjoy your favorite mixed drinks without having to go out of your way?
Introducing Clubtails! 🍹 These perfectly blended cocktails in ready-to-drink single-serve cans are AVAILABLE NOW!!
Find these delicious flavors locally, Bahama Mama, Sex on the Beach, Screwdriver & Sunny Margarita. 
#ClubTails #ReadytoDrink #CannedCocktails
Back-to-Back Hot Brand Award Winner! Shout out to all of the Clubtails lovers out there👏🏼👏🏼
Enjoying life one day at a time, Clubtails-style. 🍹👙 #Sponsored by #Clubtails #OG #CocktailInACan
Relationships are not where you find happiness, they’re where you share happiness. Sharing Clubtails is caring! 💁🏼‍♀️🍹 #Ad #Clubtails #Original #CocktailInACan
Ready for #thefridaynightgamble w/ mattwalshmusic raymond_hitman_brooks !! #clubtails #porkrinds #fifa 😂
Nothing better than being poolside with clubtails cocktail in a can. Summer might be ending soon but the party doesn't have to stop.  #clubtails #ad
It really was all a dream 💘 if you think I’m going to get over our show from last week - I most certainly am not. I can’t believe we get to do it TWO MORE TIMES! Between poppin clubtails at the VIP party, and seeing y’all sing the words all night, I am truly living my dream out here. Y’all are my forever Muses. Put your Clubtails up and CHEERS TO TOURING BABY! #ad #clubtails

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