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Your Favorite Cocktail-Inspired Flavors

Get ready to try your new favorite hard seltzer! Clubtails Hard Seltzer, our newest product, delivers a delicious liquid; low in calories and sugar, but with delicious cocktail-inspired flavors! We’re like the traditional seltzers you know and love…but way better! Our Cocktail-inspired Mix Pack is perfect for any occasion!

90 Calories
4% Alc./Vol.
2G Carbs
1G Sugar
GF Gluten Free
V Vegan
Clubtails Seltzer Screwdriver


Hard Seltzer inspired by the classic orange flavored cocktail

Clubtails Seltzer Strawberry Daquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri

Enjoy the sweet sensation of strawberry essence in a refreshing hard seltzer

Clubtails Seltzer Black Cherry Margarita

Black Cherry Margarita

A delightful fruit twist on this classic cocktail as a delicious hard seltzer

Clubtails Seltzer Peach Cosmo

Peach Cosmo

Elevate your taste with a juicy peach cocktail-inspired hard seltzer

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